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Students with a disability

Our Special Education program is called the ST.AR.S (STriving towARds Success) program.  Our ST.AR.S team consists of our Head of Special Education Services (HOSES), Special Education staff, Learning Support staff and Guidance Officer.  Our whole school shared vision is one of inclusiveness for ALL students.  A Student Services Committee operates to ensure appropriate and timely intervention is explored and provided for identified students.  All student referrals must be supported by parental permission before an initial consultation can be undertaken.

Students with Disabilities

Support for students with disabilities is provided through an inclusive model.  All students are fully integrated into our regular classrooms.  Eligible students are supported with an Individual Education Plan and additional teacher/teacher aide time.  Ongoing parent involvement is an important aspect of our support.

Early Childhood Development Program (ECDP)

The role of the ECDP is to provide early intervention programs for children with significant educational support needs, from birth to Prep age.  The ECDP is a district resource and as such, supports children from surrounding areas, as well as those who live locally.  It is staffed by teachers and teacher aides.  Our ECDP staff offer a comprehensive range of individualised programs for these children with special needs.

Learning Support

Our Learning Support programs are managed by our Support Teachers: Literacy and Numeracy.  A comprehensive range of support programs is provided for students experiencing learning difficulties.  Identified students may be offered programs such as Support-a-Reader, Support-a-Writer, Support-a-Maths Learner, Support-a-Talker, cross-age tutoring and a variety of other customised literacy and numeracy support programs.

Visiting Specialist Staff

Our Guidance Officer provides a range of services, the main ones being; assessments, counselling, placement and referral to community agencies.  The services are accessed through a referral process and prioritised at the Student Services Committee.
A Speech Language Pathologist visits regularly.  Students are referred for speech language therapy by their class teachers and prioritised for support through our Student Services Committee.
Advisory Visiting Teachers, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists visit regularly and provide support for eligible students.