The main aim of Talara's Tuckshop is first and foremost to provide affordable, healthy and good quality food to the school community.  Our entire menu complies with the government's healthy eating policy 'Smart Choices'.  All profits generated from the Tuckshop are used to directly benefit all students and the school community. 

Online Ordering

Tuckshop hours & contact details

Our tuckshop is open 5 days a week from 8:30 AM to 1:35 PM unless advertised otherwise.    You can contact us via email or telephone 07 5438 3728.

Beginning of Term opening 

Term 1 2nd day of Term
Term 2 1st day of Term
Term 3 1st day of Term
Term 4 1st day of Term

End of Term closure 

Term 1 Last day of Term
Term 2 Last day of Term
Term 3 Last day of Term
Term 4 Last 2 days of Term


Tuckshop Menu

View the Tuckshop Term 3 Menu (PDF, 271KB)

Counter Sales Only!

Please note the following tuckshop items are only available for purchase over the counter.  Bag orders will not be accepted for the items listed below:
Mini Moo
Raspberry Mini Calippo
Lemonade Icy Pole
Paddle Pop (Rainbow)
Lifesaver $1.50
Mango Split
Chocolate Shaky Shake
Slush Puppie (99% apple or pear juice) assorted flavours
Frozen Yoghurt (Mango or Watermelon) $2.50
Sorbet (Lemon & Pomegranate)
Sorbet (Lemon) $2.50
Weis Bar $2.00
Mango, Passionfruit & Milk $2.00
Electropops (Assorted Flavours) $2.00

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • EFTPOS / Credit Card ($10 minimum purchase)
  • Smartcard 

Break Times

  • First break - main eating time - 10.55 am to 11.25 am.
  • Second break - afternoon snack time - 1.00 pm to 1.30 pm.


Smartcard is your child’s school ID card and is a uniform requirement however it is also a debit card. 

To use Smartcard as a debit card, funds can be credited to the account using cash,  EFTPOS or credit card, at the Tuckshop – this is called Topping Up. 

Unfortunately we cannot accept telephone credit card transactions.  Once you have topped up, the card can be used to make purchases.  Daily limits and item restrictions can be added to this useful card therefore customizing it’s use and tailoring it specifically to you and your child’s needs.  Sometimes we will add specials or new items to our menu throughout the year.  New items are always advertised in the school newsletter before being offered for sale, giving parents the opportunity to update banned items if necessary - update information online.

Each school year Smartcard Registration Forms are distributed at the same time as the School Photograph information (usually in mid February).  Please return the completed form with payment to the Uniform Shop by the stated date to ensure your card is included in the first order.

Smartcards can be ordered throughout the year (after the initial order) but may have an extended delivery time – registration forms are available from Tuckshop.

Download the Smartcard Registration Form (PDF, 130KB)

Ordering Process

The tuckshop works on a bag system where the order is written on the bag and the money is enclosed. Students are required to place their bag in the classroom tuckshop basket first thing in the morning. Students will have their lunches returned to them in the tuckshop basket, by monitors, just before the break.

Brown bags can be purchased from supermarkets and should be completed as follows: 

1st or 2nd break
Child's Name

Child's Class
Food Required
Amount of money in bag (if paying by cash)
Smartcard number (if paying by smartcard)

Points to Note

  • Mark clearly on your bag if the food is for 1st or 2nd break
  • Use 2 separate bags if ordering for both breaks
  • You may place money inside the order bag or write the smartcard number on the bag
  • Students making 'over the counter' purchases may use cash or their Smartcard account.  If using their Smartcard account, they must present the actual Smartcard.  Counter sales will not commence until the bell has rung releasing students from their eating areas.
  • Use the current menu for to note availability (certain items can only be ordered on specific days) and correct prices to avoid disappointment. 
  • In the event that an item is unavailable or there is insufficient payment, a substitute menu item may be provided without notice. 
  • Only order as per the menu.  Unfortunately, due to the volume of sales, we are unable to cater for individual requests.  Items will be produced according the their menu description.
  • Use a separate order bag per child and ensure each child's bag contains the money for their order as searching for sibling's order bags to check for money is very time consuming.
  • Correctly completed bags are placed in the classroom Tuckshop box.  Food is cooked strictly to order.  All classes have their boxes collected and food distributed in class by the teacher. 
  • If any change is due, it will be attached to the bag. 
  • If a smartcard balance has dropped below $10, a balance notification will be attached to the bag.  Please encourage your child to bring these home so you are always aware of the current balance and can top up when necessary.  
  • No envelopes!  Please provide bags of the appropriate size as food is placed in them.  As an emergency measure, bags can be purchased from Tuckshop at a cost of 20 cents.  Please try to avoid this option if possible as it is expensive for you and causes congestion at Tuckshop in the mornings.
  • No staples or sticky tape.  Please do not fasten your bag with staples or sticky tape.
  • Forks & spoons are provided free of charge when purchasing food items that require cutlery, in all other cases a 10c charge applies.
  • It is important for parents to note: Tuckshop staff and volunteers take every care in food preparation and are especially mindful of potential allergens and gluten however we are not an allergy/gluten free environment.

Tuckshop is a very busy place so taking a moment to note our procedures and comply with them ensures we can continue to offer an excellent service to all students.


We need you!  It’s true that our success depends on the commitment of our team of volunteers and the time they so generously give.  Here at Talara we are extremely fortunate to have a fantastic and very friendly Tuckshop Team.

Food preparation and serving is where we need the most help and without many hands no-one gets fed!  Volunteers are asked to assist with the preparation of sandwiches, fruit salads, hot food etc. as required and serve at break times.  We ask for a commitment of one day per week, fortnight or month so that an accurate roster can be drawn up to ensure we are adequately staffed.
If you are unable to commit to rostered days you may like to consider helping out on Sports Days or at other special events – we always advertise for help via the school newsletter when planning these occasions.
Please don’t leave it to someone else to volunteer, the more helpers we have the easier it is for all our volunteers.  If you would like to help your child’s Tuckshop please contact one of the convenors – they’ll be very happy to see you! 


Last reviewed 15 July 2020
Last updated 15 July 2020