Years 5 and 6 BYOx in 2021


"The world our children and grandchildren will inherit will be – and it already is – a digital world."

In 2021, we are continuing Talara Primary College’s voluntary “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOx) program.

After a highly successful introduction of this program to Year 6 in 2019 and its expansion to Year 5 in 2020, we have decided to continue the option of BYOx to our Year 5 & 6 families for 2021. Continuing this program expands the opportunities to support our students in their investigations and engagement in the digital learning space/s that will be created with the students in their classrooms.

Our Year 5 & 6 students will be the only students with this privilege in 2021 as they lead the BYOx program for our college.

Of course, parents/caregivers may choose not to take up this opportunity and not provide a personal device. Their students will have access to a classroom based device, with a ratio similar to that which currently exists in our Year 4 – Year 6 classes. Students who are accessing their digital learning space through school devices will not be able to take school devices home with them. Online spaces used at school should be able to be accessed on home computers, assuming they have internet connectivity.

 2021 BYOx parent information packs have been distributed to our current Year 4 students this week, so please ask your child for the pack.

The pack contains information about the program, minimum specifications for devices as well as documentation to complete and return.

Inside the front cover are 2 documents (green Expression of Interest form & Form 2 ICT Acceptable Use Agreement)

  • The green EOI form needs to be completed and returned ASAP for ALL 2021 Year 5 students (regardless of whether they are participating in the BYOx program).
  • The Form 2 ICT Acceptable Use Agreement only needs to be completed and returned for students that ARE PARTICIPATING in BYOx 2021.

Inside the back cover of the folder, are 2 booklets. One is parent information and the other is Student Charter information. If your student IS PARTICIPATING in the 2021 BYOx program, once they have their device, you will complete Form 1 at the back of the Student Charter booklet and return that to the office.

2021 BYOx Parent information sessions will be held on:

  • Wednesday 19 August (Week 6) at 6:00pm in the Hall and
  • Tuesday 25 August (Week 7) at 9:00am in the Music Room.

At this information session, you will hear from our eLearning Teacher Mr Wade Thompson, our Principal Mr Stephen Adams and our Year 5/6 Deputy Principal Kristy Walton.

Please RSVP before Friday 14 August to

Download the BYOx 2021 Year 5 Expression of Interest Form.pdf (PDF, 628KB)


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Last reviewed 07 August 2020
Last updated 07 August 2020