Talara Dance Team perform at the Australian Dance Festival


Live, love, dance, dream, believe…The words to the opening song for our Australian Dance Festival performance. What an event, what a team.

Following the 2013 success of our strong Talara Dance Team at the high schools’ eisteddfod, circuit scouts for the Australian Dance Festival, held in Sydney each year, contacted Mrs Sam Keehn inviting our students to perform and participate at this professional, national event.

On Saturday 14 September our team of 23 dancers took to the stage at the Sydney Olympic Park to perform in “A Celebration of Diversity” fundraising event. The team were introduced by internationally acclaimed dancer, choreographer, Ministry of Dance (dance school) owner and judge of So You Think You Can Dance Now Jason Coleman. Rightly so, the title “Choreographer, Mrs Sam Keehn, School Talara Primary College” were lit on a screen above our dancers as the backdrop to our performance. Our dancers performed a beautiful piece. The beginning of their sound track was a combination of their voice recordings prior to launching into the music. Their contemporary gold and black outfits set a very regal scene. Their performance reduced all of the onlooking Talara adults to tears. It was a mind blowing heart and soul performance. Jason Coleman ran onto the stage at the end of the performance informing the audience that he was breaking all protocols as our students were sensational and the first of their kind at the festival (meaning the first of any traditional school as opposed to dance school). Jason then went on to interview our students and congratulate the Talara Primary College school community for embracing The Arts and demonstrating such talent.

The event included ten hours of dance workshops for our students held by internationally acclaimed dancers such as Timomatic, Marko Panzic and Talia Fowler to name a few.

On Sunday 15 September the Director of the event called us back offering another performance on the stage as guest performers during the Australia’s Best Dance Crew and Soloist Dancer competition finals. Our students again held their own with some of our country’s best, performing beautifully.

We at Talara are so fortunate to have such a strong curriculum focus which is complimented by an arts department that is second to none. This is the result of teachers and staff that commit hundreds of hours above and beyond to work with talented, grateful students from a parent community that appreciates and supports. Our Talara P&C continue to be big supporters of our arts department also having committed $1150 towards this event.

Congratulations Talara dancers, you have been recognised at a national level.

 Bin Tahal Cindy .jpgCindy Bin Tahal

Deputy Principal

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Last reviewed 11 December 2019
Last updated 11 December 2019