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Q: Can passengers other than School Children catch a Buslink School Bus?
A: Buslink School Buses are a designated service for school students. Each bus has a sole purpose of picking up registered students on a designated route and delivering students to school in the morning and then returning students from school via a designated route home in the afternoon. Buslink school buses do not pick up any adults or children without a valid school student ID.
Q: How do I know which Buslink bus my child needs to catch? Is there a timetable I can access?
A: On our Website ( under the “Your Bus Services” under “Sunshine Coast” you will find access to all the information you require. There is a section that will show you which bus routes go to which schools and suburbs. From there, if you click on the bus route number, it will take you through to the Journey Planner on the Translink website which will list all the pickup and drop off points with relevant times.
Q: What fare is accepted to get on the Buslink School Bus?
A: All students must show a fare when entering our buses. We accept a Buslink Bus pass, Cash or a Go Card as payment for a fare. Without one of these three methods, YOUR CHILD IS FARE EVADING. 
Q: What is the Code of Conduct?
A: Similar to schools, in order to utilise the services provided by Buslink, students must comply with a Code of Conduct. The code has been developed by Translink, in conjunction with bus operators, and is there to protect students, parents and drivers. It regulates the behaviour that is expected on the buses and ensures the safety of all children while on board. If the Code of Conduct is breached by a student, disciplinary action may occur.
Q: Does Buslink tolerate Bullying on School buses?
A: Absolutely not. If there are any issues of bullying on the bus, please ensure your child tells someone they feel safe telling, for example another student, a teacher, a parent or the driver. Once we are notified of the issue, we will follow our internal procedures to rectify the situation.
Q: Do I need to book my child on the Buslink School bus?
A: No, you don’t. Your child can simply wait at the bus stop and can board the bus when it arrives. We suggest that the students are at the bus stop in the morning 10 minutes prior to the bus departure time to ensure they don’t miss the bus.
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Last reviewed 11 December 2019
Last updated 11 December 2019