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Talara Primary College produces an electronic newsletter every second Thursday, which is emailed directly to you via SchoolZine.  The newsletter is an excellent opportunity for us to share in the achievement of our students and keep in touch generally. Our newsletter contains lots of important information about upcoming events and important dates to remember.
Please find links to our current electronic newsletters on the right hand side of this page.  Please use the links below to access our newsletters in a PDF format.

Click here to subscribe to our newsletter ​​​​


08-august-2019-volume-10.pdfTPC Newsletter 8.08.201908-august-2019-volume-108/08/20195381 KB
25-july-2019-volume-9.pdfTPC Newsletter 25.07.201925-july-2019-volume-925/07/20198207 KB
13-june-2019-volume-8.pdfTPC Newsletter 13.06.201913-june-2019-volume-813/06/201924127 KB
30-may-2019-volume-7.pdfTPC Newsletter 30.5.201930-may-2019-volume-730/05/20194759 KB
16-may-2019-volume-6.pdfTPC Newsletter 16.05.201916-may-2019-volume-616/05/201912289 KB
2-may-2019-volume-5.pdfTPC Newsletter 2.05.20192-may-2019-volume-52/05/201912218 KB
21-march-2019-volume-4.pdfTPC Newsletter 21.03.201921-march-2019-volume-421/03/20195587 KB
7-march-2019-volume-3.pdfTPC Newsletter 7.03.20197-march-2019-volume-37/03/20198856 KB
21-february-2019-volume-2.pdfTPC Newsletter 21.02.201921-february-2019-volume-221/02/20192989 KB
7-february-2019-volume-1.pdfTPC Newsletter 7.02.20197-february-2019-volume-17/02/20196052 KB
29-november-2018-volume-19.pdfTPC Newsletter 29.11.201829-november-2018-volume-1929/11/201813109 KB
15-november-2018-volume-18.pdfTPC Newsletter 15.11.201815-november-2018-volume-1815/11/201816061 KB
1-november-2018-vol-17.pdfTPC Newsletter 1.11.181-november-2018-vol-171/11/201818435 KB
18 October 2018 Vol 16.pdfTPC Newsletter 18.10.1818 October 2018 Vol 1618/10/201812091 KB
13 September 2018 Vol 14.pdfTPC Newsletter 13.09.1813 September 2018 Vol 1413/09/20184282 KB
13 VOL 30 August 2018.pdfTPC Newsletter 30.08.1813 VOL 30 August 201830/08/20189866 KB
12 VOL 16 August 2018.pdfTPC Newsletter 16.08.1812 VOL 16 August 201816/08/20187936 KB
2 August 2018 _volume 11.pdfTPC Newsletter 2.08.182 August 2018 _volume 112/08/20183723 KB
19 July 2018 _Volume 9.pdfTPC Newsletter 19.07.1819 July 2018 _Volume 919/07/20184921 KB